Dental Aesthetics

The focus is on You

In addition to the permanent restoration of their oral health, many people want an attractive, youthful smile with nicely shaped, bright teeth. 

The so-called aesthetic dentistry has various options that you can choose from. You can decide which solution suits you best after an individualized, personal consultation. You will receive a detailed, binding cost plan ahead of the procedure. If you have any financing or insurance reimbursement questions, we can offer you an appointment during our reimbursement and invoice consultation on Tuesdays from 17:00 to 18:30.

Lab partners


Effective, gentle bleaching in one session softly whitens your teeth. We apply a particularly powerful but tooth-friendly bleaching gel that is activated with an LED light. 

The entire bleaching procedure is carried out in one session in our practice. The desired bleaching result is reached after about two hours.


Unsightly gaps and front surfaces or slight changes in the position of the teeth can be aesthetically improved with veneers, thin shells made from ceramic. They are tailor-made by the dental lab and bonded to the existing tooth in a permanent and invisible manner.

Often, reconstruction using direct composite veneers or tooth reshaping is a low-cost alternative to classic dental prosthetics. We are happy to consult you on your various options.

Natural-looking white crowns and bridges 

Classic dental prosthetics are also part of our range of services and include metal-free, natural-looking white crowns and bridges. We work closely with renowned dental labs whose quality we can absolutely rely on.