We offer state-of-the-art dental technology in our practice from which you, the patient, can benefit in particular.

Our new procedures allow us to make diagnostics more precise, creating a good basis for targeted treatment. The quality and effectiveness of our treatments can also be significantly increased with the latest techniques. 

For you as a patient this often means a gentler, faster and more successful treatment.

Our technical equipment includes the following technology:


Piezosurgery® is an ultrasound instrument that we use for bone augmentation in implantology. It is an intelligent bone scalpel that automatically detects bone tissue and stops as soon as it encounters nerve tissue or vessels. This enables us to perform minimally invasive procedures.

Magnifying loupes

The magnifying loupes enable us to carry out precise work. We use them, among other things, for surgical procedures, cavity diagnosis, and periodontitis treatment.

Surgical microscope

The surgical microscope allows for a level of unprecedented precision – we can now perform our procedures as gently as possible.

Intraoral camera

This camera is used to take pictures of the inside of the mouth. We can show you our findings and treatment options on the monitor and discuss them with you during treatment.

Air-Flow® technology

The Air-Flow® technology is a prophylaxis device and enables gentler and more thorough cleaning of the teeth and interdental spaces. 

Electronic root canal length measuring device

This method allows for a very accurate measurement of the root canal. Only exact knowledge of how long the root canal is will result in the thorough removal of the inflammation and an optimal root filling.

Dental photography

We record the current status of your teeth, making it easier to plan the treatment in advance. We can also use these images to document the results for your health insurance company. 

Digital X-rays

The radiation exposure is about one fifth lower than that of conventional X-ray equipment. As the X-ray image is immediately transferred to the monitor of the treatment room, your wait time during treatment will be decreased.

Digital file management 

Thanks to our digital file management system, we can access your patient information at any time and in every treatment room. This allows us to devote more time to your treatment. 

High hygiene standards 

Thanks to our QM system, we can guarantee consistently high hygiene standards.