Dental Implants

One of our dental practice’s specialities is in the field of dental implants.

No other type of dental prosthesis comes as close to the natural tooth as the implant does. The small “post” made of biocompatible pure titanium replaces the root and firmly fuses with the jawbone, serving as a foundation for crowns, bridges, or even dentures. After the treatment, you’ll once more have a firmly anchored tooth and will not feel any restrictions when laughing, speaking or chewing. 

We can offer you individual implant solutions ranging from single-tooth restorations to toothless (edentulous) jaws. Often, we are able to plan and carry out the full procedure in our practice.  

You are in good hands

Dr. Anne Kathrin Kloth has been working in implantology in her own practice since 2002, completed the implantology curriculum of the Hamburg Dental Association in 2007–2008 and regularly takes continuing education courses in her speciality.  The most important questions and answers regarding dental implants  We work closely with one of the world's leading implant manufacturers for our dental implants.

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