Endodontic Therapy

In the past, a tooth that had an inflammation in its innermost part (the pulp) often had to be extracted. With the help of modern treatment methods and certain magnification techniques (magnifying loupes, surgical microscope) the inflammation of the pulp can be cured and the tooth can be preserved in the long term. These procedures were traditionally called root canal treatments; today they have developed into a dental specialty known as endodontic therapy.  

We have the necessary technical/instrumental prerequisites in our practice to carry out a tooth-conserving treatment of the inside of the tooth (root canal treatment) with a good chance of success. 

For difficult cases, such as when the root canals are very narrow and their entrances difficult to find, Ms. Siewert uses a surgical microscope. Most root canal treatments can now be completed during one visit. The time required varies greatly and depends on the anatomy of the tooth. We usually schedule 1 to 3 hours for the procedure. Because you receive local anaesthesia, the root canal treatment is painless. 

We will inform you in advance about the costs you can expect in the form of a written treatment and cost plan.